Bickering pilots cause Alaska Airlines flight to return to gate

It's not just argumentative passengers that can throw a wrench into a flight. An Alaska Airlines plane about to take off had to head back to the terminal because the hot-headed pilots were feuding in the cockpit, according to at least five passengers (see tweets below) via One Mile at a Time. And one pilot eventually stormed off the plane "fuming."

The flight headed to San Francisco from Dulles International Airport was already delayed by 90 minutes due to inclement weather, and then was reportedly delayed by at least another hour because, as one of the pilots announced, there was a "failure to get along" (according to the passenger accounts).

From Insider:

One of the pilots announced to the passengers that the plane was returning to the airport gate, where he would disembark from the plane because he and the other pilot couldn't get along, per the Twitter posts. The pilot said they made the decision in the interest of safety, according to the Twitter posts.

Better safe than a victim of sky rage!

Here are the tweets: