Entertain your cat with this robotic interactive toy for nearly 10% off

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If there's anything more precious on this earth than a kitten looking for a good time, we welcome it. (Spoiler alert: There isn't.) And while we love being our pet's main source of attention, sometimes we could use a break and give someone else (or something else) a chance to take the wheel. Your little bundle of joy needs to stay on its feet, after all. This smart, interactive, self-rotating ball cat teaser by UGR Light should keep your cat occupied for hours.

There's nothing better than seeing your cat running around in happiness (as long as it's not at the tail end of a house rodent). This interactive ball toy provides a great way to show your little monster some gratitude for being super cuddly at all times (or not; they have claws for a reason. Perfect for wooden floors, tile floors, thin carpets, and most other floor types, this toy is fantastic for all fur babies looking to get some much-needed exercise.

With 360 degrees of rotation and an LED color light, there will be no shortage of ways this ball morphs and locations it will jet off to. Speaking of finding a path, the ball also features an intelligent sensor system, so it's not bumping and banging into all of your furniture or other things that may find their way in the crossfire.

Using this little guy is super easy for you or your kitty. That's particularly great for the latter because they're void of opposable thumbs. Plus, the ball is entirely touch-activated, meaning that when your best pal is not playing with the cat running wheel, the toy enters the automatic standby state after three minutes. Hence, it never runs out of juice or wastes precious play time being idle while your cat relaxes

That said, if your toy runs out of steam, you can recharge it via USB, and it can stay active for up to four hours after 1.5 hours of charging. 

Get the Smart and Interactive Self-Rotating Ball Cat Teaser, which includes a bag and cable, for $28.99 (Reg. $32).

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