Sinkhole drains pool in seconds at swim party, killing one and injuring another

A sinkhole swallowed up water and colorful inflatable toys during an outdoor swim party in Israel, leaving the pool empty as guests dangerously stood around the edge of the hole (see video below). Sadly, according to The Jerusalem Post, one person was injured while another body was found inside the pit hours later.

From The Jerusalem Post:

The 34-year-old man who was at the party and fell into the pit is in a light condition, conscious, and suffering from injuries to his limbs. Magen David Adom (MDA) staff who were called to the scene provided him with initial medical care. Rescue teams were also called to the scene to work to locate the missing person who fell into the pit that opened in the pool. …

MDA paramedic Uri Damari said: "This is a very unusual incident. When I got to the scene I saw a pit that had opened at the bottom of the empty pool. People who were at the site told me that the pit opened suddenly and within a few seconds all the water of the pool was pulled in.

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