Cop wears Batman mask when responding to citizen's complaint because the citizen previously called him a "wannabe Batman"

When Battle Creek, Michigan police sergeant Chad Fickle responded to a call about a neighborhood dispute, he showed up wearing a Batman cowl. Why? Because the individual who made the complaint had previously insulted Fickle by calling him a "wannabe Batman" in a YouTube video. Apparently the police have been called numerous times about a land dispute between two landowners, including a gentleman named Justin Shott. From the Battle Creek Enquirer:

Shotts has documented his interactions with [his neighbor] and Battle Creek police in a series of 50-plus videos posted on his personal YouTube Channel…]

Police said Fickle's use of the mask served as an attempt to "insert humor into the long-standing civil dispute between neighbors."

"As much as we value creative responses in all situations, Sgt. Fickle's well-intended action was done in poor judgment, and was disappointing," Battle Creek Police Chief Jim Blocker said in the statement. "As with all police personnel matters, this case was reviewed and addressed."