Racist vandals attack a Manhattan Beach elementary school one day after Bruce's Beach is returned to the black family from which it was stolen

An elementary school in Manhattan Beach, California, had its playground defaced with horribly offensive, racist graffiti. No one doubts this hateful, anti-black and anti-semitic vandalism is in response to Los Angeles County returning beachfront property to the descendants of a black couple from whom it was stolen back in 1927. A ceremony marking the return was held the day before.


Manhattan Beach school officials said racist vandalism was discovered early Thursday morning on the Meadows Elementary school campus.

A spokesperson for the school district said that damage to the playground asphalt and equipment was cleaned before students arrived for summer programs.

The vandalism came a day after officials held a ceremony celebrating the handing over of the oceanside property in the city known as Bruce's Beach to the descendants of Willa and Charles Bruce — a Black couple who owned the property nearly a century ago until it was seized by the city.