Marvel adds Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur to their television roster

Although Disney and Marvel Studios have spent considerable money and time trying to convince the masses that Stan Lee built Marvel comics by himself, Jack Kirby's contributions to the House of Ideas are too strong to ignore. The Celestials, who seemed primed to be a significant factor in the MCU's phase four, are a small example of how far-reaching Kirby's genius extends in the Marvel Universe. One of Kirby's most underrated creations is Devil Dinosaur

When Kirby returned to Marvel in the 70s, he spawned a slew of offbeat ideas that never reached the same acclaim as his work in the 60s. Outside of Marvel's diehard contingent of fans, Devil Dinosaur was about as obscure as it got. That was until Marvel decided to pair the character with Moon Girl in 2015. The duo helped propel Devil Dinosaur into the mainstream of the comic book consciousness, where he always belonged. Now if only he had some sort of movie or television to his name.

On Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con, Disney unveiled the first clip for their new Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur cartoon series. The show looks adorable and boasts a massive and impressive cast. 

In the clip, 13-year-old Lunella Lafayette (Diamond White) is reminded that a), just because she's a super-genius, and b), just because she's best friends with a giant red T-Rex, that doesn't mean she'll have an easy time stopping criminals. (Or getting famous.) It's all very cute, with a bright style a bit reminiscent of Disney's semi-recent Ducktales reboot.