Take a hike through Atlanta's eerie Doll's Head Trail

Doll's Head Trail is a wonderfully eerie hike through DeKalb County's Constitution Lakes Park in Atlanta, Georgia. Here's a video of the trail, which takes walkers past doll parts and other found objects. Joel Slaton created the art installation on the trail in 2011 after he began finding discarded doll parts, appliances, bike parts, bottles, and clay tiles from the days when the site used to be the South River Brick Company. 

Slaton explains that the brickmaking factory caused a lot of waste to be left behind in the area: "in a kiln, roughly half of any load of bricks might be either overcooked or undercooked, forcing them to be dumped. Other companies in Atlanta began paying the South River Brick Company money to dump their excess brick as well. The clay pits were eventually filled in by water, creating lakes, and after the quarry closed, a homestead was built, which—in the absence of available garbage service—also used a portion of the property as a dumping ground."

The Doll's Head Trail is Slaton's awesome way of turning discarded objects into a mysterious landscape for people to explore.