The African princess that championed Pan-Africanism

One of my favorite insults by anti-Black racists is, "go back where you came from." The line is hilarious for a litany of reasons. First of all, very few Blacks have ancestors that asked to be here in the first place. If you're tired of Black Americans living in "your country," you can address the complaint with your dead ancestors. Secondly, the aforementioned dead, racist ancestors actively tried to prevent previous generations of Black Americans from doing just that.

In the aftermath of Slavery, Black people began to debate their future in America. One of the ideas that started to take root in this period was Pan-Africanism. Pan-Africanism is the belief that Blacks and Africans across the planet should unify and, in some cases, return to Africa. As with any philosophy, supporters and detractors are stationed on every single angle of the issue. The video linked above from the YouTube channel Hometeam history recounts the story of an African princess who championed Black Americans' return to their mother continent.