You can now stay at The Godfather house for "$50 a night"

Everyone has a dream home. People either conjure a perfect dwelling in their mind's eye or encounter their desired domicile in real life. Occasionally, people will model their homes after the residences of characters in cinema and television. This manner of home selection and decoration can manifest on a minor scale with entire rooms dedicated to television shows. On the other hand, some people just purchase houses that formerly functioned as movie sets. Obviously, both practices are expensive and inaccessible to most people, but Airbnb has found a way for regular people to occupy famous homes. Last year, during the holiday season, Airbnb allowed fans of the Home Alone series to lodge in the iconic Mccallister house.

If your sensibilities in fiction are more attuned to mafia flicks, Airbnb has announced that the Corleone home from The Godfather films is available for $50 a night. It's basically an offer that you— wait for it—would find incredibly sensible. 

"Built in 1930, our charming but expansive 6,248-square-foot home has undergone renovations and is completely modernized, while still being recognizable from the exterior for its appearance in 'The Godfather' 1972 film," a description on Airbnb explains. 

Per the listing, the home has five bedrooms and seven bathrooms. There's also a saltwater pool, a pub in the basement, a game room, and a gym. The listing is available for a 30-night stay in August 2022, for $50 a night.

The Staten Island mansion was used as the exterior for the Corleone family home, while interior scenes were shot at Filmways Studios in Harlem, Manhattan. During filming, director Francis Ford Coppola built an artificial wall around the property so it seemed like a larger compound. The production discovered the English Tudor Mansion when Giani Russo, who played Carlo Rizzi and grew up in Staten Island, recommended the house.