Coco the Guinea Pig is a world-record trick performer

Meet Coco, a guinea pig from North Carolina, who is also a new Guinness World Record Champion. Coco has achieved this title by performing 16 tricks in one minute. 

Sanj Atwal of Guinness World Records provides some background and information about Coco:

Coco is a male Abyssinian guinea pig, estimated to be four to five years old. But he's no ordinary guinea pig – he's a Trick Guinea Pig Champion! Coco's owner, Gwen Ford, fostered and later adopted Coco from an animal shelter in December 2018.

Coco is an adorable creature, and also spunky and smart. Here's his video application to become a Trick Guinea Pig Champion. In the video, you can see him fetch; open a kennel, walk inside, and close the kennel; choose a particular scent out of a lineup; spin in circles on command; ring a bell; walk through a tunnel; jump through hoops; do figure eights; shake hands; climb into a suitcase; and put toys away. He's so impressive! Way to go, Coco!