Listen to Carl Weathers' story about how he got the role of Apollo Creed

Carl Weathers is the man. Is it just me, or should he have been a much bigger star? Not only did he possess a physique that rivaled the dual titans of the action genre, Stallone and Schwarzenegger, but his charisma was off the charts. Although he has an impressive filmography, his catalog of work would be comparable to Bruce Willis or Steven Segal if we lived in a fair- and less prejudiced- world. Lately, Weathers earned some attention for his role in the Star Wars series The Mandalorian. I can't help but wonder how his prime would look in today's Hollywood. 

In the video linked above, Weather shares the story of how he snagged the role of Apollo Creed in the Rocky franchise. Weather's easy demeanor in the clip only proves my point: the man was criminally underutilized during his youth.