Marjorie Taylor Greene pushing for party rebrand: "We should be Christian Nationalists"

Marjorie Taylor Greene said it again over the weekend. "We need to be the party of nationalism and I'm a Christian, and I say it proudly, we should be Christian Nationalists," Georgia's CongressQuack said about the Republican party (see first video below). She has been pushing the "Christian Nationalist" brand as a "movement" wherever she goes as of late.

"If we're going to label it 'Christian Nationalism,' this movement will actually be the movement that stops the school shootings…" she said recently on her podcast (second video below), accusing anyone who opposed it as a domestic terrorist. "We can even say the Democrats are the domestic terrorists."

"Republicans need to prove to the American people that we are the party of American Nationalism — Christian Nationalism," Greene said last week on another podcast (third video below), as if they haven't proven that already. "I have no problem saying I'm a Christian Nationalist."

"I call myself a Christian Nationalist," she also said at a Turning Point USA event (last video below). "There's nothing wrong with leading with your faith." As long as your faith is Christianity.