'Punk rock flophouse': a converted 1981 dollhouse wins crafts competition

A Canadian woman turned a vintage, never-been-opened dollhouse kit into a "punk pock flophouse"—complete with trash, graffiti, and water damage—and won a couple first place ribbons in the Calgary Stampede crafts competition.

Global News, via Soap Plant WACKO.

It was a project that started with a purchase Haley Herrington made after an unexpected discovery online. "A vintage 1981 dollhouse kit, never opened," Herrington said.

"Then I just kind of went nuts with it and it sort of became a party house."

Rundown both inside and out, the dollhouse features miniature items such as beer cans strewn about, and a fridge full of rotting leftovers.

One of the commenters on this YouTube video makes a fair point:

Fantastic! Although she clearly has never been, or known, a punk rock kid on the streets. The filth portrayed in her diorama is more reminiscent of junkie squatters. Most punk kids sharing a house, that I've ever known, all kept a much cleaner environment than this

Although, the mouldy leftovers in the fridge were on point…

Thumnbail image: Global News news report