Remember Miss Cleo's web of lies?

The world was a simpler place in the 90s. Before the Internet caught us all in its mesmerizing thrall, there was still an element of mystery in the world. Without Google to provide instantaneous answers, people would have to blindly and humorously grope through the recesses of their memories and knowledge to answer random questions at the bar. Critics of this era may claim that the lack of credible sources could foster the spread of faulty information. And while that is a fair point on the surface, websites found on Google have made the spread of disinformation a more significant issue today.

We were all a tad more gullible back in the 90s, and that gullibility allowed charlatans like Miss Cleo- a fake psychic with a fake Jamaican accent- to build a healthy career reading tarot cards over the phone. You know, I wonder if she even had a deck of tarot cards at all. The video linked above from Black Femininity TV's YouTube channel takes a walk down memory lane in a mini-doc discussing Miss Cleo's infamous fraud.