A24 teases the prequel to X with an ominous poster

From taut dramas like Good Time and Uncut Gems to dimension-hopping epics like Everything, Everywhere All at Once, a24 has become a beacon of originality in a formulaic era of filmmaking. Even though a24 has proven to be adept at every genre, the studio's horror films far outpace the large majority of their work in terms of quality. Boasting talents like Ari Aster and his two instant classics, Hereditary and Midsommar, and Alex Garland's Men a24 has become a massive name in the horror world.

Earlier this year a24 put the horror genre on notice again with Ti West's X. The film was heaped with copious praise and was also dubbed a modern classic. Many film fans began speculating how Ti West would follow up such a stellar flick. Apparently, West already anticipated the hype and shot the film's prequel while working on X. On their official Instagram page, a24 released an arresting poster for Pearl starring Mia Goth, who also appeared in X. The trailer for Pearl drops later today. In fact, it's already right behind you.