Cincinnati police officer uses N-word in racist tirade at Black high school, caught on camera

A racist Cincinnati police officer couldn't contain herself, spitting out hate-filled comments as she drove past a predominantly Black high school. "Fucking n*****s," she said, caught on police body-cam video (see below). "I hate them."

Furious that drivers were waiting to pick up their students, naturally sitting in idle cars alongside the school, and then triggered by a teen student who flipped her off, she lost it. "I fucking hate them! Ohh, I fucking hate them so much! Fucking God, I hate this fucking world," said 14-year police veteran Officer Rose Valentino, who has since been temporarily stripped of her duties, according to Daily Beast.

While driving past a predominantly Black high school in April, an internal investigation found that Officer Rose Valentino turned on her car lights and siren in order to get parents picking up their children to move their idle cars. …

During the investigation, Valentino claimed that music and hearing others talk "desensitized" her to racist language. She told investigators she used the racial slur after a teen flipped her off. While a disciplinary hearing into her actions is in process, Valentino has been suspended from the Cincinnati Police Department.

This is the same cop who aimed a gun at and then handcuffed a Black real estate agent and his Black client for looking at a house in a white neighborhood (the department was eventually sued and lost, according to video below). And yet the Cincinnati Police Department kept her on the force.