Staying cool in the summer shouldn't be expensive, especially with this discounted air purifier

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We can all agree that staying cool will be more important than ever this summer. Who wants to be uncomfortable for an entire season? And while we all may have different ways of trying to keep our core temperatures down, finding a great solution is hard. Sometimes fans may not be enough, air-conditioning may be too costly, and who can stomach a cold shower? 

So, where are we to turn when we decide the heat is too much to take? Luckily, right now, you can purchase a Hydroice 8-in-1 Turbo Cooling Air Purifier at a major discount to help stave off the sweats this summer.

The Hydroice purifier is a two-for-one device. It cleans out harmful impurities, dust particles, dirt, and other pollutants you can't see, and the high-quality filters are made from silk and carbon. Plus, the cooling component is incredibly effective, cooling up to 600 square feet in minutes, leaving you feeling comfortable even when it's a scorcher outside. It works by pulling hot air from the surrounding environment and then expelling cool air out, and there are three speeds that allow adjusting the cooling for that "just right" Goldilocks zone

Additionally, the purifier features a built-in aroma diffuser, so you can choose an aroma oil for a more relaxing experience. The humidifier is compact and powerful, aiding you in achieving healthy, glowing skin. What do we love about it? The seven-color LED. It helps you to get the perfect mood lighting! But we are also crazy about the new noise-block design that keeps the noise level under 49dB even as it works hard to keep you refreshed.

Right now, you can purchase Hydroice 8-in-1 Turbo Cooling Air Purifier for just $43.99, which is marked down 11% from its MSRP of $49.

Prices subject to change.