Verizon Fios drops right-wing One America News network

The right-wing One America News network (previously at Boing Boing) will no longer be found on Verizon's lineup.

OAN, which is owned by the California-based Herring Networks, has faced criticism for allegedly "peddling conspiracy theories and falsehoods." In 2020, YouTube suspended the network's channel after it promoted a fake cure for COVID-19. OAN also became the subject of a defamation lawsuit filed by the electronic voting system company Dominion over false allegations that its machines interfered with the 2020 US election. Smartmatic, another voting system company, ordered OAN and other conservative stations to retract their claims about voter fraud.

OAN's really mad about it, assailing Verizon—a joint-stock corporation that generates some $30bn in profits annually—as "Marxist". In truth, Verizon was its last supporter, continuing to host OAN long after other providers ditched it, even as OAN began snarling at the hand that fed it.

Despite Verizon being its largest remaining carrier after satellite provider DirecTV dropped the network this past spring, OAN lobbed numerous attacks at the company as the network's agreement neared expiration. Calling it "one of the largest and wokest companies to date," the network's hosts grumbled in recent weeks that Verizon was "silencing conservative voices" and "engaging in censorship" of OAN.

OAN's reportage is now free to descend completely into a hallucinatory conflagration of misinformation, conspiracy and libel, free of oversight or indeed a significant audience.