Watch: how to drink tea in Pakistan for foreigners

Karl Rock, who knows enough Urdu to get around in parts of Pakistan, visited a tea store there. He shows how to order tea, how to sit, and what to expect.

One part that surprised me is how one of the employees casually uses his bare hands to grab some small metal teapots that contain boiling tea. If I tried that my fingers would immediately form blisters. Also surprising — the proprietor refused to take Rock's money, because Rock is a foreigner. So he got the tea for free, even though he would have preferred to pay for it, of course.

YouTube description:

Drinking tea in Pakistan is a little different to Starbucks! So let me show you how to order your tea and the customs behind sitting in a Pakistani tea store. If you're travelling to Pakistan, you'll find many little chai stalls to sit in and refresh with either milk tea or green tea (known as Kehwa). The price is just 50 cents American per cup.