Dan Harmon has an NFT-based adult animation show on the way

Adult animation just ain't what it used to be. Granted, since its emergence in the early 90s, countless animated shows were begotten through gimmicks and an attempt to cash in on a fad. Over time, fans and networks became increasingly fastidious about the caliber of adult animation they'd accept as weaker entries into the genre began to fade away. Audiences became increasingly savvy and demanded higher quality from the genre. Enter: Dan Harmon. 

Harmon used his cult fame from developing Community to help create Adult Swim's ultra-popular Rick and Morty. Through Rick and Morty, Harmon's fandom grew exponentially, allowing him to create Harmonquest, which also became a hit. To his legion of fans, Dan Harmon could do no wrong. However, after seeing the new trailer for his Fox show Krapopolis, it's undeniably clear he can. In the video linked above, you can see the first footage from Krapopolis, "the first animated show curated by the Blockchain." Fans of Krapopolis can purchase exclusive NFTs based on the show that can influence the plot and grant rewards. Let's hope this show is the first and last of its kind.