Don't go on another camping trip without this unique cooler backpack turned stool

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Whether you're hanging out in your buddy's backyard on a Sunday afternoon or roughing it on another camping trip with the family, sometimes you just need to give those feet a rest and plant that bottom down. But if sitting on the ground ultimately results in an emergency trip to the chiropractor, having a chair you can whip out of thin air would be the next best option. 

Okay, so it wouldn't technically appear as if from nowhere, but this Cool Stool Backpack can provide you with an immediate place to sit and then some. Ideal for any outdoor excursion, like beach trips, outdoor concerts, hikes, and beyond, this versatile item can take care of all your needs, well beyond serving as a stool. In fact, this handy little thing can also keep your favorite beverages and snacks nice and chilled, as it also features a fully insulated cooler, extra pockets, and plenty of storage space.

In addition to its multifunctional make, the Cool Stool Backpack is designed to be taken around on the go. That's why it's equipped with two backpack straps for easy, comfortable carrying from place to place. It's also built to withstand the elements, from sandy beaches to rough terrain, thanks to its clever construction and top-notch materials, like Oxford cloth, ensuring its durability. 

Whether it's the backpack's ability to fold out to a chair at a moment's notice or the fact that it can keep all your beers cold on a hot summer day that excites you most, there's admittedly a lot to love about this thing. Plus, its fabric is super easy to wipe down and clean, which is great given that you'll be taking it around with you outside. So it's no wonder the Cool Stool Backpack is becoming a must-have for all things outdoors during the summer and all year round. 

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