Freya weighs 600kg, she's "unwittingly destructive," and she's having the best hot girl summer

Have you seen Freya this summer? She's out there traveling across Europe and living her best life, having the most spectacular 'hot girl summer' I've ever seen. Who is Freya? According to The Guardian, she's an "enchanting but unwittingly destructive 600kg marine mammal, named after a Norse goddess," who is currently hanging out in an Oslo fjord. The Guardian further explains what Freya the walrus has been up to:

For a week, a young female walrus nicknamed Freya has enchanted Norwegians by basking in the sun of the Oslo fjord, making a splash in the media and bending a few boats.

She's currently in Oslo but she's been really living the life this summer. She spent time in the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Sweden, before making her way to Norway. USA Today has more info about the bathing beauty:

Viral video posted online shows Freya climbing into the stern of boats, basking in the sun, struggling to support her bulk, and other times flipping the vessels. When she's not dozing on boats, other video shows her chasing ducks and swans. 

Here's a great video compilation of some of Freya's escapades. Freya, you go, girl!