Proud Christian Nationalist Marjorie Taylor Greene "melts down" after Maddow segment on history of Christian Nationalism

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.,) proudly called herself a Christian Nationalist and called for her party to rebrand around that movement. After Rachel Maddow ran a segment about the racist and anti-semitic history of Christian Nationalism, though, Marje was angrier than ever.

Maddow's history lesson focused on the life and ideology of Gerald L.K. Smith, the founder of the Christian Nationalist crusade and the America First party. Smith defined Christian Nationalism in America and was blunt about his hatred of Jews and other "alien" influences. (He didn't know about the space lasers, though)

Greene's "meltdown", so-called, was posted soon after Maddow highlighted her and Smith using similar language to define Christian Nationalism and to advocate its centrality to American government.

The proud Christian Nationalist has never heard of Christian Nationalism, yet has found her way to all its precepts but one.