This retractable windshield shade is perfect for the mobile sauna you call your car

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It's the middle of summer, which means you're off doing stuff nearly every weekend. But that also means you have to get in and out of your parked car, which probably heated up to ungodly temperatures when you were out and about. But until you can turn on the AC before you get into the car, you'd do just about anything to prevent feeling like you've dipped into the depths of hell each time you get back in your vehicle.

There are still plenty of hot months left in the year, which makes this innovative Retractable Windshield Shade by 3PExperts one of the smartest buys yet. Listed at just over 60% off its regular price, the retractable windshield shade is an inexpensive way to make your car far more pleasant to drive around in the heat.

Made of polyester and aluminum alloy, 3PExperts claims this durable shade can stop 99% of the Sun's harmful UV rays and up to 85% of the Sun's total solar energy, keeping your car's interior cool and comfortable. That means no more too-hot-to-touch steering wheels or leather seats that leave you yelping in pain the second they touch your bare legs.

It's also easier to use than traditional models you've likely had to deal with in the past, as it features a smooth, one-hand operation. Simply install it once, and pull the shade over from the passenger's side whenever you want to shield the car from the Sun — no awkward folding and fumbling in between uses required.

Given that extreme temperatures can cause damage to your car's engine, exterior, and more in a multitude of ways, using this increasingly popular retractable windshield shade is one small thing you can do to beat the heat, even if it's so that you can drive more comfortably. 

Get the Retractable Windshield Shade for just $29.99 (reg. $80), a 62% discount.

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