Tourist attacked in Hawaii by mama seal who was looking for her pup (video)

A 60-year-old California tourist going for a swim in Honolulu, Hawaii picked the wrong spot at the wrong time when she unknowingly got too close to a mama seal looking for her two-week-old pup. Around 10 other swimmers noticed what was happening and made a beeline back to dry land, but the woman, wearing a swim cap, didn't hear the screaming seal or the 50 people on the beach shouting for her to come back. Things didn't go so well between her and the panicked seal, who attacked her, leaving her with "lacerations to her face, back and arm," according to ABC. Fortunately for both, she made it out in one piece while the seal, named Rocky by the locals, was reunited with her pup. Here's footage of the incident (via ABC), caught by people on the beach as well as her husband who was recording the incident from his hotel room above:

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