Finally getting a look at the production Tilt Five augmented reality glasses

In this Tested video, Norm Chan meets up with my old pal, Jeri Elsworth, as she describes and demos a production model of her Tilt Five augmented reality glasses system, now available for pre-order (and shipping soon to Kickstarter backers).

The Tilt Five AR system has been a passion project of Jeri's since she had a big eureka moment years ago while working at Valve. In 2013, she left the company to start CastAR and bring her dream of a tabletop AR system using projective glasses and a retro-reflective surface to life. That led to a successful Kickstarter which raised over $1 million. But after CastAR was unable to deliver on their product, they were forced to re-pay their backers before the company closed up shop.

In 2019, Jeri's new company, Tilt Five, launched another KS campaign and managed to raise over $1.7 million. The new system is being sold as a "holographic gaming platform" and the company already has dozens of games available with more game companies signing on.

It's been a long, hard road for Jeri and her team, but she stuck to her guns and continued to believe in her vision of holographic AR and the hardware she was developing. If this Tested demo is any indication, her perseverance has paid off.