Watch J6 criminal Dr. Simone Gold express shock and outrage that she is headed to prison for 60 days

Simone Gold, the unpleasant, obnoxious founder of America's Frontline Doctors, is about to go to prison for 60 days for trespassing and refusing to leave the US Capitol during the deadly January 6 Insurrection.

She took a break from packing her prison duffle to appear on a MAGA podcast hosted by a gentleman named Doug Billings (who boasts on his website, "Many are comparing me to Rush Limbaugh. That's a high honor for me.")

Dr. Gold complained to Billings about how unfair it was that she had to go to prison, even though she'd been convicted of a crime.

"What was utterly shocking however, is that a judge would sentence a nonviolent, misdemeanor trespass on a first-time initiate into the criminal justice system, with a record like mine, my age, my gender to prison time… What a travesty. What an embarrassment for this nation and for this judge in particular."

After Gold was found guilty, U.S. District Court Judge Christopher R. Cooper told Gold he didn't believe she was remorseful for her crime and admonished her for raising $433,000 by telling her followers that she was being politically targeted.

From MedPageToday:

"Sitting here today, I don't think you have truly accepted responsibility," [Cooper] told her. "Your organization has used your notoriety to raise money to garner support for you in connection with the sentencing and for its general operations by mischaracterizing what this proceeding is all about … telling your supporters that this is a political prosecution of a law-abiding physician that's designed to threaten and intimidate any American who dares to exercise their First Amendment rights."

The judge also disputed Gold's contention that she was just a peaceful bystander during the riots.

"It is obvious from the video that we watched today that you were part of an angry and aggressive, I would say mob, crowd of people intent on getting past law enforcement and entering the East Rotunda through those doors," he said.