Neil Gaiman breaks down the trailer for Sandman

Sandman's debut on Netflix is rapidly approaching, and last weekend, during San Diego Comic-Con, Netflix unveiled more footage of the highly anticipated series. Even though fans have been clamoring for a Sandman adaptation since the days of the comic series, it took decades for a television show to come to fruition. One of the reasons the process of adaptation took so long was due to Neil Gaiman's involvement in the series. As the visionary creator of the Sandman comic, Gaiman was incredibly discerning about how the show would be executed and by who. As a result, you can bet that the upcoming Netflix adaptation has more than cleared Gaiman's high bar of quality. 

In the video linked above, Vanity Fair's YouTube channel has Gaiman sit down and analyze the trailer for Netflix's Sandman. If you ever needed proof that the new Sandman series has Neil Gaiman's stamp of approval, the video will provide the solace you seek.