Two tourists fall off Chinese suspension bridge obstacle courses

Adventure seekers in China have elevated the danger experience with the latest suspension bridge obstacle course fad. Varying classifications of fall arresting personal protective equipment can decrease/increase risk potential; which is what two tourists learned at different adventure parks on the same day.

Safety Harness Types | Andrew Yi

Safety harnesses are broken down into location specific classifications, but for the sake of this post, it's important to recognize the Chest Harnesses worn in at both locations vs the typical Full Body Harness type typically worn in situations where a large vertical drop is below the wearer.

Starting with the video above, we see a 10 year old boy hanging on as an onlooker can be heard yelling "Grab hold, grab hold, kid!" According to Matthew Loh at, this occurred "at the Dixin Valley tourist site in Enshi, Hubei province"; luckily, Matthew Loh reported that the "boy suffered several fractures along his spine and cuts to his scalp but did not sustain any life-threatening injuries, the official notice said."

According to the Tianjin Jizhou District Culture and Tourism Bureau's Weixin post: "a tourist suddenly fell into a coma while playing the "Boo Bu Jingxin" project in the Jiushan Scenic Spot" in the video above, where the staff was able to get to the comatose man, however attempts at rescue resulted in the man falling to his death. Let the fact that someone died here, underscore the importance of using proper protective equipment for the situation at hand. Keep this in mind along your adventures, and be your own greatest advocate in dangerous situations like these.