Even Oppenheimer's teaser is tense

Christopher Nolan has an uncanny ability to generate hype for his films without uttering a word. As one of the most gifted filmmakers in the industry, Nolan has built a cult fandom of cinephiles that regard each entry into his filmography as a historical event. While that perspective may be something of a dramatic response to the catalog of a talented director, one has to marvel at how Nolan found a way to create thought-provoking blockbusters. Being able to combine crowd-pleasing content with cerebral narratives is quite a feat. 

With his new film, Oppenheimer, the typical hype that precedes a Nolan release has reached critical mass. Oppenheimer boasts an all-star, but in addition to the alluring ensemble of actors, the film carries a palpable mystique. How exactly is Nolan going to approach this film? Is it a traditional bio-pic, or is it something grander? Since we have very few clues, the looping live teaser from Universal pictures will have to suffice until the actual trailer drops.

In the video linked above, you can check out Oppenheimer's teaser, which features a countdown timer for the film's release.