The Antique Mouse and Rat Trap Gallery

The Antique Mouse & Rat Trap Gallery is an online photo collection of rodent traps from 1836 to today. The intricate, freaky-looking, and novel designs that you can find in this collection make the mouse traps of today look quite boring. My favorite mouse trap I came across on the site is the "Kitty Gotcha Mouse Trap". It comes in various colors, is made of plastic, and shaped like a cat. Many mouse traps from back in the day looked like little houses, such as the ideal mouse trap. As a kid, I would have thought both of these traps were toys. On second thought, maybe it's a good thing that today's rodent traps don't look this cute.

From the site: 

This page contains photos of antique mouse and rat  traps.  Most photos are from other collections. Of the over 6000 patents granted for various animal traps from 1836 through today, most are for mouse and rat traps. Of those, many were never produced, several were only produced for a short time, and some traps produced were never covered under a U.S. Patent. One could spend a lifetime trying to obtain every type of mouse or rat trap ever made, and they would still be missing several varieties. I have spent much of my life collecting, studying, researching and preserving these interesting examples of mankind's ingenuity. I certainly hope you will get as much enjoyment from looking over these items as I have.