The RZA goes troubleshooting in his new single

Even though he's one of the most prolific and visionary artists in the field of Hip hop, the RZA is known to draw inspiration from other mediums rabidly. The Wu-Tang Clan itself, which was his brainchild, is the perfect testament to how potently mediums outside of music influence the RZA. When the RZA went to produce solo albums outside of the Wu-Tang Clan, he did it under yet another pseudonym in Bobby Digital. Through Digital, the RZA created a veritable Hip hop superhero with lore and a backstory that rivals official comic characters. The RZA even got comics legend, Bill Sienkiewicz, to illustrate the cover for Bobby Digital's first album. 

The RZA has decided to embark on another multimedia approach for his most recent release in RZA: Presents Bobby Digital and the Pit of Snakes. The album acts as the score for RZA's upcoming graphic novel of the same name. In the video linked above for Troubleshooting, you can check out some of the enticing visuals for the graphic novel.