Christopher Eccleston did a Doctor Who Q&A

Underrated doesn't begin to describe the Ninth Doctor's tenure in the Tardis. Christopher Eccleston's time as the Doctor often gets overlooked when fans discuss the best modern version of the character. Eccleston's task of modernizing a character that- while firmly entrenched in British cultural memory- hadn't been relevant in a decade was a steep one. Although the black-on-black Matrix look the Ninth Doctor utilized might be the least memorable attire of the revival series, Eccleston's portrayal of a psychologically wounded veteran was harrowing and compelling. However, a contentious relationship with the BBC put the Ninth Doctor's journey on ice almost as swiftly as it was beginning to warm up. 

Recently, Eccleston has decided to embrace his time on Doctor Who. After signing with Big Finish for a series of Ninth Doctor audio dramas, it looks like fans will finally get some more adventures with the character. In addition to more adventures, Eccleston's sunnier relationship with the Doctor Who franchise has allowed the actor to engage with the show's fanbase. In the video linked above, Eccleston sits with the audience at FedCon 30 to talk about Doctor Who.