A tour by Jean Cocteau of "La villa Santo Sospir" in France, with walls and doors covered in his art

In Jean Cocteau's 1952 16mm film, La Villa Santo Sospir, his only film in color, he gives a tour of a patron's villa on the French Riviera. The patron, Francine Weisweiller, had made her entire fortune available to Cocteau and let him cover the walls and doors of her home in murals (which he called "tattoos"). There's a dash of Picasso here and there, too.

It's fun to see how, even while doing this "amateur" film, he can't help deploying the enchanting and much-copied camera and editing effects that he pioneered in his groundbreaking professional films.

One can only image how much this property is worth today. Here's a Town and Country article with photos of what the house looks like today.

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Thumbnail image: Screengrab from La Villa Santo Sospir.