Influencer receives backlash after telling Home Depot worker: "Go back to your country"

A self-proclaimed "influencer" and "traveler" who goes by Amanda Marie @artvangrowllc on TikTok not only harassed a Home Depot worker, using the word "fag" and telling him to "Go back to your country," but then proceeded to post a recap of her bad behavior on social media.

After we see her telling a Black Home Depot worker he is getting "fire-duh, fire-duh, fire-duh," the off-the-grid homesteader then says from her car, "I said, 'I'm not leaving.' … I then turned around and said, 'If you're going to be rude, go back to your country. Go back to your country!' 'Cause he wasn't from here."

The influencer with more than 14K followers, who in previous posts has asked her community to "come heal with us," then wanted to make sure we heard her bigotry loud and clear and repeated it for good measure. "So I turn around, and I say, 'Go back to your motherfucking country and learn some fucking manners before you come here.'"

She also explained that "back in New York, the word 'fag' is not really offensive," which leads us to believe she also hurled the slur during her Karen tantrum.

Naturally, commenters did not take kindly to her hateful behavior, and she has since taken down the posts on her various platforms (but not before the video was uploaded by others, see below). Her latest TikTok post shows her feeling sorry for herself for all the unfair backlash her hate as provoked.