Los Angeles redditor's request: "Looking for a poor quality yet expensive restaurant to suggest to an enemy"

I hope someone compiles the hundreds of responses to this LA-based Reddit user's request for a bad expensive restaurant in Los Angeles.

The most upvoted pick so far is Nusr-Et Steakhouse Beverly Hills. Sample comment: "There's frankly no other option that's even remotely comparable if the goal is to show that you're willing to spend absurd amounts of money on mediocre food. The only problem is that it has enough of a reputation already that your enemy will probably see it coming."

Other popular bad expensive restaurants are Barton G. ("basically a rich teenagers, Instagram wannabe, birthday restaurant) and Mr. Chow ("It's almost like performance art how bad and sweet every dish is, and how dingy the restaurant is, yet how expensive it is.')

My pick would be the crumby Yamashiro restaurant. It sounds appealing – great hilltop location with a nice view of Hollywood, a beautiful old building and garden. But the food is awful and very overpriced ($12 for a cup of bad miso!)