Man gives himself a nose job after watching a DIY YouTube video. Naturally, he ends up in the ER

A Brazilian man wanted to change his nose, so he performed rhinoplasty on himself after firing up a DIY YouTube video. Disinfecting himself with rubbing alcohol, using superglue to help close the wound, and presumedly performing the operation with household tools, the procedure — carried out without wearing gloves — caused an infection that landed him in the emergency room at the hospital.

From Oddity Central:

The man, whose name has not been revealed by the hospital, told doctors at the nose, throat and ears department that he got the idea to do his own nose surgery on YouTube, and that he used rubbing alcohol to disinfect the area, and veterinary anesthetic to numb the pain. After he was done "operating", he used self-absorbing thread and superglue to close the wound. …

The would-be surgeon showed up at the hospital on July 21st, but his case was only disclosed by the media yesterday. It is now shining a spotlight on the so-called "home rhinoplasty" videos that allegedly teach people how to make their noses smaller or thinner. Doctors warn that such amateur surgical procedures can, in addition to causing the opposite effect to the desired one, lead to death.

The Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP) also published a warning statement on its official website, clarifying that rhinoplasty, "in addition to being an exclusively medical act, requires specialization and qualifications to perform".