Did US slice up al Qaeda leader with "flying Ginsu" drone?

On Saturday, the US killed al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri in a drone strike when he stepped onto a balcony in Kabul, Afghanistan. Thing is, locals report that there was no fire or smoke. That has led some weapons experts to suggest the US dispatched al-Zawahird with its secret "flying Ginsu" (aka R9X Hellfire)—a non-explosive missile outfitted with six extendable blades that cuts through walls, car roofs, and, er, people. Reminds me of the Sentinels from Phantasm (1979), as seen above!

From the Daily Beast:

The precision capability of the weapon means there is less chance of collateral damage. And in fact, there were no civilians killed in the hit on Zawahri. The telltale sign of its use is that there is no explosion. In the case of Zawahiri, 71, only the windows of the balcony, where he was standing alone, were shattered.

More on the flying Ginsu in the video below and this 2021 article: "The Telltale Traces of the US Military's New 'Bladed' Missile" (Bellingcat)