"His actions have consequences," son of convicted Capitol rioter tells CNN

Yesterday, Capitol insurrectionist Guy Reffitt was sentenced to seven years in prison. In this CNN interview, his 18-year-old son Jackson talks about how he was so concerned about his father's behavior leading up to the J6 insurrection that he had warned the FBI about his father before and after the riot.

When CNN's Brianna Keilar asked Jackson if his father deserved a seven-year sentence, he said, "Absolutely."

It's not surprising Jackson feels that way. Prosecutors said Guy Reffitt threatened to shoot Jackson and his two sisters if they reported him. Jackson described his father as a "narcissist with a rather large ego."

CNN also showed a clip of Guy Reffitt's wife speaking to the press after her husband was sentenced to prison. She said her husband was a patriot, that rioter Ashli Babbitt (shot to death by police at the Capitol) was a patriot, and said "You all can go to Hell. I'm going back to Texas," before abruptly walking away from the microphone.

Jackson says his relationship is now strained with his mother because he is of the opinion that his father made a conscious choice to riot on the Capitol grounds while carrying a gun.

Jackson says he had only spoken to his father once since he was arrested, and that they limited their discussion to the card game Magic the Gathering.

Jackson comes across as being wise beyond his years. I wish him the best in his life moving forward.