How to separate twins conjoined at the head

Born in 2016, Erin and Abby Delaney are twins who were born conjoined at the top of their heads. When they were 10 months old, neurosurgeon Gregory Heuer and plastic surgeon Jesse Taylor led a team of more than two dozen physicians, nurses, and staff at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia worked together to separate the conjoined twins. The operation alone took 11 hours.

"During the separation surgery, our team first meticulously separated the infants' shared blood vessels and dura, the tough protective membrane surrounding both brains, then moved on to separate the sagittal sinus, the most difficult portion of the operation," Heuer said at the time. "Finally, we divided our team into two halves, one for each of the girls, and finished the reconstruction portion of the surgery."

In the video above, Dr. Taylor and Dr. Heuer explained how they did it.

The girls are now 6 years old. You can read more about them on the blog written by their mother, Heather Delaney: "Our Journey With Conjoined Twins"