Mehmet Oz attacks John Fetterman for seeking to end decades of racist imprisonment policies

Snake oil grifter Mehmet Oz, a Turkish citizen living in New Jersey who is running for Senate in Pennsylvania, is attempting to scare people away from voting for Democratic candidate John Fetterman because Fetterman advocates for releasing prisoners, particularly people of color, who pose no threat to public safety. Black people are imprisoned at a much higher rate than white people. Reasons include police planting drugs in people, giving false testimony, filling up prisons with drug addicts to make money, and simply arresting people for being black. The fact that Fetterman seeks to correct this systematic injustice greatly offends Oz.

In a tweet, Oz linked to a pearl-clutching Daily Caller article that falsely claimed that Fetterman "sought To empty prisons while in power."

"John Fetterman's criminals-first progressive policies have made our streets less safe," tweeted the wealthy nostrum peddler. "We need change."

The Daily Caller's evidence of Fetterman seeking to "empty prisons" is as weak as the fake medicines Dr. Oz endorses on his daytime television program. It linked to one tweet in which Fetterman said, "PA's Correction Secretary has said: We could reduce our prison population by 1/3 and not make anyone less safe.' 2/3 of those condemned to die in PA's prison are African American. We have the power to rectify this now + we absolutely must," and another that said, "Thank you, @PATreasury. Our Corrections Secretary has said we could relaxes [sic] 1/3 of our inmates and not make anyone less safe. What if we directed those savings into our state schools?"

If this is all Oz can muster up in way of a smear, he must be really desperate. Oz is the classic charlatan, promoting bogus "medicines" like green coffee beans and apple cider vinegar, and also endorsing hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for Covid. He has no business running for anything, let alone the Senate.