Watch: Bizarre Russia ad lures expats by boasting of little girls and "no cancel culture"

Nearly six months after attacking Ukraine, Russia is desperate for fresh blood, as seen in this ludicrous attempt at wooing expats (see video above). Sounding like a Tucker Carlson pitch calling out to fellow incels in need of a change, the ad boasts of Russia's "delicious cuisine" and "cheap gas," then cuts to little girls running through a field as the ad highlights Russia's "beautiful women."

"Traditional values, Christianity, no cancel culture, hospitality, vodka," the ad continues, sticking to the MAGA theme. And then for the ominous cliffhanger: "Move to Russia. Don't delay. Winter is coming." Whatever that's supposed to mean.

Euronews says the video was produced by a "pro-Russia group called Signal" while MSN says it was "shared by a Russia Embassy." But I say it was a spoof after coming across the real ad:

Front page thumbnail image: Anton Brehov /