Arizona MAGA weirdo Qari Lake in drag, again

MAGA-loving, Trump-backed Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake recently got into a big Twitter fight with Dee Snider of Twisted Sister. I'd go look and report back to you, but, alas, Fake Lake blocked me on Twitter weeks ago. Lucky for me, Twitter user Nick Martin's on it, and just tweeted this, "I see the campaign for Kari Lake got in a big Twitter fight today with glam rocker @deesnider. So I guess now is a good time to share these photos of Lake from 2019 when she dressed in drag for Halloween as another glam rocker, Alice Cooper."

Remember, Kari Lake has repeatedly demonized drag queens and drag shows, and has been in a feud with local Phoenix drag star Barbra Seville for the last few months. Seems Kari just can't stop dressing in drag herself, though. Hypocritical much?