Boston cop chasing white suspect arrested the first black man he saw

A white cop chasing a white suspect ran up to a black man, pulled his gun on him, threw him face-first to the ground, then held him down under his knee.

Johnson saw the [suspect] jog past him before [officer Steven] Conroy approached and yelled at both men to "get the (expletive) on the floor." The white suspect got on his knees, but Johnson stayed standing, the lawsuit says. After that, Johnson says Conroy drew his gun, threw him to the ground and pinned him down with a knee on his neck. Another officer who arrived in a cruiser recognized the white man and put him in handcuffs, and the suspect told the officer he didn't know Johnson, according to the lawsuit. A third officer who arrived "immediately jumped on" Johnson to help Conroy hold him down, according to the complaint.

The pièce de résistance would have been if the suspected thief took advantage of the cops' blinding racism to make his escape, but they apparently stuck around.