This billboard video ad for garlic stinks of obscenity, farmer groups say

The video above was created by the small town of Hongseong, South Korea to promote their local garlic. Unfortunately, farmer groups in the region think it's in bad taste, claiming it's "suggestive," "inappropriate," and "sexually objectified" the herb. County officials have since pulled the video from its YouTube channel and from appearing on video billboards. From the Associated Press:

The video shows a woman touching the thigh of a man named "Hongsan" with a full garlic head mask and saying words like "very thick" and "hard" to apparently describe the quality of the local garlic. It's also a parody of a famous scene from a 2004 hit Korean movie titled "Once Upon a Time in High School."[…]

"We can't repress our astonishment," said a joint statement issued by the local branches of two major farmers' organizations — the Korean Peasants League and the Korean Women Peasants Association. "The video offended the people who watched it and dealt a big blow to the image of the agricultural product that farmers have laboriously grown."

Credit goes to the AP for the "stinks of obscenity" headline!