Trump-backed election denier wins Michigan primary thanks to Democrats

Using strategy from the Claire McCaskill playbook, the Democrat Party helped Michigan's Trump-backed congressional candidate John Gibbs beat incumbent Rep. Peter Meijer — one of 10 Republicans who voted to impeach Donald Trump. Although the move — gaming the system by supporting the more extreme Republican — has worked in the past, it's risky, not to mention sleazy.

"I'm proud to have remained true to my principles, even when doing so came at a significant political cost," Meijer said.

If the far-right Gibbs happens to win in November, we'll have yet another Big Lying conspiracy theorist in congress, thanks in part to the Democrats who invested more than $400,000 into his campaign. This is the same Q-infused former missionary who in 2016 claimed Hillary Clinton's campaign chair "participated in a satanic ritual involving bodily fluids," according to The Guardian. And whichever way the vote goes, the few remaining moderate Republicans in Washington will be less apt to step across party lines in future votes.

From The Guardian:

He [Meijer] published angrier words on Monday, lambasting Democrats who spent campaign dollars in support of Gibbs, seeing him as beatable in the midterms in November.

In an online essay [on Monday], Meijer said: "The Democrats are justifying this political jiu-jitsu by making the argument that politics is a tough business. I don't disagree.

"But that toughness is bound by certain moral limits: those who participated in the attack on the Capitol, for example, clearly fall outside those limits. But over the course of the midterms, Democrats seem to have forgotten just where those limits lie."

Republican voters, Meijer added, "will be blamed if any of these candidates are ultimately elected, but there is no doubt Democrats' fingerprints will be on the weapon. We should never forget it."