Buy a Balenciaga sack modeled after a plastic garbage bag for $1790

Balenciaga's back at it, with another ridiculously overpriced item. This time it's an accessory that looks just like a trash bag. Yes, a bag for trash. Yes, one of those trash bags you put in a trash can, under the sink, and then put trash in. For only $1790, you can carry a bag that make you look like you're on your way to the dumpster. Cool! According to the New York Post:

The luxury fashion house's shiny drawstring bag — which is made out of calfskin leather, emblazoned with a subtle logo and comes in the basic Hefty bag black along with the solid Glad-esque white as well as yellow and blue — is making its way to stores after debuting in the Fall 2022 ready-to-wear collection in Paris last March.

There's really no doubt, by now, that Balenciaga is just trolling us, right? Nobody actually buys this stuff, right? And if folks are buying this stuff, please just lie to me and tell me they aren't. I can't handle it.