Lauren Boebert calls for laws to enforce "biblical citizenship training" in our schools

Watch Christofascist Lauren Boebert on the show "FlashPoint" say that she wants to require "Constitution Alive!" and biblical citizenship training in schools. She says, specifically: 

"Maybe we need to have some sort of legislation that requires Constitution Alive! and biblical citizenship training in our schools, and that's how we get things turned around."

What is the show FlashPoint? According to its website:

Watch FlashPoint to discover how prophecy and current events are aligning to usher in the greatest awakening the world has ever known. Host Gene Bailey, along with regular contributors Mario Murillo, Hank Kunneman and Lance Wallnau, are joined by special guests that include prominent prophetic voices in the Church today, as well as political, governmental, business and church leaders. FlashPoint focuses on pertinent issues currently facing America and delivers news and commentary under the anointing—encouraging evidence and hope that God is indeed working to bring about His plans and purposes during these turbulent times.

What is "Constitution Alive!" training? It's part of the "Patriot Academy" (the group that Kirk Cameron also works with), and their website describes Constitution Alive! like this:

It is vital that every American knows their rights and understands how to defend those rights for themselves, their family, and the entire country.

That is why the Constitution Alive! Full Course exists – to give you a comprehensive understanding of every part of our nation's governing document in an easy-to-understand, fun, and entertaining manner!

This full course goes deep, article-by-article through the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You will learn about executive orders, recess appointments, the Electoral College, the powers of Congress and the President, freedom of religion, and much more.

Follow along with America's Constitution expert Rick Green and renowned historian David Barton as they give you an incredible deep dive into the document that is the cornerstone of our American liberty!

This isn't some kind of neutral look at history, though. The Patriot Academy website also provides this very clear description of its worldview and mission:

Inspire Patriotism  
Equip Citizens  
Educate A Nation

You have a role to play in Restoring America's Biblical & Constitutional  Foundations of Freedom!

Have no doubt, Boebert is calling for 'education' that is grounded in the desire to cement the United States as a Christian nation. This is pure Christian Nationalism.