Marjorie Taylor Greene scolds the FBI for listing symbols hijacked by violent extremists (video)

Last month it was "Biden's woke military" that enraged Marjorie Taylor Greene. Now Georgia's top conspiracy theorist is fuming at the FBI for allegedly releasing a warning list of symbols hijacked by white supremacists and other violent militia members that we need to watch out for.

"Like the Gadsden flag," she says, looking at the list. "That's a common flag. I actually have it outside my congressional office."

She goes on to list some of the other symbols targeted by the gazpacho police, including the Betsy Ross flag and "2nd amendment logos," which she says is "pretty terrifying, when the FBI now considers 2nd amendment logos to be violent extremism — that means our government is turning against the American people."

No Madge, it's not the American people they are turning against. And no, it's not the logos themselves the FBI considers to be dangerous, but rather the space-laser Q-nut extremists who wear or hang these symbols outside their doors. See the full clip below.