Rabbit show jumping is a thing, and it's spectacular

Until today, I never knew rabbit show jumping was a thing. But it definitely is, and in fact, seems to be pretty popular in some rabbit circles. What is rabbit show jumping? According to the UK's RSPCA:

Rabbit agility, or 'show jumping,' is where rabbits are trained to jump hurdles and to go up and down ramps and through tunnels, being led around courses by their owner or trainers, wearing a harness and lead. Show-jumping can be good exercise and mental stimulation for rabbits, and can even strengthen your bond with your pet through positive, reward-based training. 

The RSPCA warns, however, that not all rabbits are "suited to show-jumping." They explain:

Many rabbits lack the temperament, build or athletic ability to participate, and unfit rabbits could injure themselves jumping. Juvenile rabbits can't participate until their bones and joints are developed and strong. Always speak with your vet before starting any agility training to ensure that your rabbit is physically fit, a suitable age and whether they would benefit from the activity.

Some rabbits are clearly really into it, though, like the adorable rabbits featured in these videos: Here are some amateurs, and the ones in this video definitely seem more like pros. I never knew rabbits could jump so high. Amazing! Enjoy!